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Independent Mailing Systems, Inc. is excited to introduce a faster, more precise and cost effective way to ship.  Pitney Bowes has this "all-in-one" software solution that makes easier all aspects of shipping. . Call us today at (800) 554-4395 or email us for more information at info@independentmailing.com.  IMS, Inc. Mailing Systems AND solutions!  

Independent Mailing Systems, Inc.
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Sendsuite Shipping and Receiving software

Want a simple and accurate way to track your packages? The SendSuite Tracking Simple Package just may be what you need if you...

  • Only need an on premise solution
  • Only need SendSuite Tracking at a single location
  • Only want a simple server or PC installation and NOT a SaaS based solution

...Then a SendSuite Tracking Package might be your optimal solution!

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SendPro Software
SendSuite Shipping and Receiving
How does SendSuite Simplify my shipping tasks? Fast, Easy Integration for both Domestic and International shipping:
  • NO special forms
  • NO Post office drop-off required
  • Eliminate additional requirements

Tracking with SendSuite is Simple too!
-Ensure security with a full chain of custody view from pick-up to the recipient's front door

Can I SAVE money with SendSuite? Yes!

  • Reduce your everyday shipping costs
  • GROW your business with the savings
  • No hidden fees or surcharges

  • Gain a comprehensive view of costs for more accurate accounting and budgeting

For a smaller business or operation try:

SendPro is also from Pitney Bowes

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