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Independent Mailing Systems, Inc.

Copy/Scan/Fax Machine Questionnaire

Please let us know your current needs or plans for copiers, scanners and/or fax machines. Then click SEND Button at the bottom.

Phone: (800) 554-4395

Fax: (910) 293-3321


Company Name *

Location *

Name/Phone/Extension? *

Monthly copy volume (or cases of paper used) *

Current copier make and model *

Do you own the current machine? (lease is paid in full if financed)

Do you need a machine that: Collates/Sorts?

Prints double sided?

Prints 11x17 pages?

8.5x5.5 pages?

8.5x14 pages?

Auto Document feeds?


Accounting System?

Prints Color?

Network Capabilities

Are there any specialty print jobs that you do currently? Please describe:

Are there any specialty printing jobs that you do currently? Please describe:

Do you have any space requirement?

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