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Independent Mailing Systems, Inc.

Call (800) 554-4395 talk with a trained professional about the different systems and machines available that will be just right for your folding, inserter and pressure sealer needs.

The New Formax FD 430 Envelope Sealer closes and seals envelopes in a single pass. Simply place a stack of envelopes in the infeed tray, choose a processing speed with the adjustable control knob and in seconds, envelopes are sealed and ready for the mail. See the video to the right!

The Pitney Bowes RELAY Inserter Systems with file control. Designed for mid to large mailers to bring you increased accuracy and security while increasing the speed of your mailing process. With models capable of handling up to 5,400 envelopes per hour, you can be sure your bills, statements and other personalized mail will be assembled quickly and accurately.

Formax Folders & Inserters

The versatile Formax 6404 Series adapts to most any folding and inserting application. Models are available with two to six stations and offer the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Formax Pressure Sealers

Advanced, patented Formax AutoSeal pressure seal technology has been the solution of choice for Fortune 500 companies to schools and small businesses for the last decade. The AutoSeal equipment line provides desktop solutions used in an office environment up to high-end production equipment needed for larger corporations. Desktop solutions begin with the economical FD 1200 entry-level pressure sealer for smaller jobs while the fully-automatic flagship FD 2054 model (pictured) is specifically designed to process multiple applications with simplicity and ease.

For information about the Formax FD 430

call Independent Mailing Systems at

(800) 554-4395.


Formax Folders

The FD 314 Office Desktop Folder provides an economical solution for low-volume folding projects. It combines a compact footprint with push-button controls, so it's simple to use, right out of the box! Fold plates are clearly marked for four common folds - letter, zig-zag, half and double parallel - and can be easily adjusted for custom folds. With a three-tire drop-in feed system, it processes 11” and 14” paper at speeds up to 7,700 sheets per hour, and offers a hopper capacity of up to 250 sheets.

The FD 322 Document Folder offers an unmatched level of performance and affordability. Designed with ease of operation in mind, it utilizes a drop-in feed system, eliminating the need to fan paper. Simply square the paper stack and load it into the feed tray. The FD 322 can handle 11”, 14” and 17” paper sizes, and is pre-marked for three standard folds: Letter, Zig-Zag, Half. The fold plates are easily adjusted for three custom folds: Gate, Fold Out, Double Parallel.

The fully automatic FD 38X Document Folder has a quick, easy set-up and the versatility to complete a variety of fold jobs in minutes. Folding up to 335 pages per minute. Fully automated fold plates give you a one touch setup of the 18 pre-programmed fold settings or for opting for one of the 25 custom folds that can be stored into memory. 

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